The woman in the window (2021)

Directed by Joe Wright

Starring Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Julianne Moore, Anthony Mackie

A film with such a cast is hard to not give it a chance. Released on Friday on Netflix.

The story centers around Anna, she is is suffering from a condition where she is afraid to go outside. She is heavily medicated and she spends her time looking at the neighborhood through her window. A new family moves into the house across the street and she meets Ethan and his mother. When Anna sees Ethan’s mother killed, Anna tries to get help.

I have to say that movie is one of those where you don’t know what to believe and the less you know the better. So, I will give as little detail as I can. I think the film was good and has a clever script. I thought the film had suspense and enough things going to keep you interested or at least just willing to see it to find what was real.

The cast in this movie is a good one. Some could have been used a bit more I think, but the performances were good. Amy Adams carries the picture with a great performance. She needed to take this character deep in madness and I thought she achieved it. Gary Oldman is good in the film although I wanted to see more of his character. Wyatt Russel, I thought he was very good.

So in conclusion, I thought the movie was good, it got me interested and it had good plot twists, some expected others not.

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