Those who wish me dead (2021)

Starring Angelina Jolie, Nicholas Hoult, Finn Little, Jon Bernthal

The fact that I have not gone to a movie theater for me has meant that I have not seen movie trailers and therefore know little about the films coming out, well some of them. This is a good example, I knew nothing about the movie and found out when it was announced that it was available on HBO Max.

The story is about Hannah, she works as a smokejumper. She is assigned the tower in the forrest so she can keep a look and warn if there is a fire. Meanwhile, after his father learns that some people may want to kill him, he runs away with his son Connor until he is killed and Connor finds his way to Hannah and she has to keep Connor safe.

Ok, so the movie for me was very good. It was a bit slow at the start but once the story is in high gear the movie does not look back. I felt that the film has a lot of suspenseful moments, and it only had two main villains but they were so effective in keeping me guessing as to what they would do. By adding the element of the fire it added a lot because they faces two killers and nature and I felt it was done as real as these genre allows.

Angelina Jolie was good in her performance, but for me the performances of the two villains stood out. To think that Hoult, the little kid from one of my favorite films About a Boy, has proven a good actor in the X-Men series and other films. I think both actors portrayed the killers as two men who had no remorse about what they were doing and that added a lot because I could guess if they had limits.

In the end, the movie was entertaining and was expecting it to be just ok. It just a good entertaining action film with a little suspense. I saw it late and night and did not fall asleep at any moment.

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