Sunbomb Evil and Devine (2021)

I am a fan of Stryper and Michael Sweet, the projects he has done that I have listened to he always produces quality music. He is the main reason I got this album. I know Tracii by name but not his music.

The album surpassed my expectations. It is a great Heavy Metal album full of great drums and guitar melodies and solos. And Michael’s voice remains among rock’s best, although he does not get credited enough. The music in this album is heavy with a great slow song in Been said and done. From the opening track, the music got me interested in listening to the whole album through and I did.

I love what Michael offers with every project, Heavy Metal music at its best with different lyrics and just as good as other metal artists. Here I don’t know if he wrote all the lyrics or were co-written, either way, the result is a great Metal album.

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