Sons of Sam: Descent into Darkness (2021)

Directed by Joshua Zeman

Narrated by Paul Giamatti (as Maury Terry)

This is a mini-series taking a look at what was known as the summer of Sam. A serial killer terrorized New York City as he killed 8 and injured more during a year.

The main focus of the documentary is Maury Terry and his obsession with the case. The show consists of 4 episodes where we get to see footage and accounts of that terrible summer until David Berkowitz was captured. Then the documentary shifts to Terry’s theory that he did not act alone. That he was a part of a satanic cult and others participated in the crimes.

As a documentary, I liked it because I knew little of this case and the documentary offered detailed accounts of how the people felt during that summer and the investigation. It is interesting to see this theory that he did not act alone and how a satanic cult was a big part of what happened.

Available on Netflix, if you are a fan of documentaries and especially of cases like this, I think you will like this one. It is one-sided because the focus is proving Terry’s theory so most of what is presented are towards that, but still very interesting to see.

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