Paul and Linda McCartney Ram (1971)

Produced by Paul McCartney

Released on May 17th of 1971, Ram is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a special vinyl re-issue. In celebration of the album, I wanted to share my views on the album.

After the success of McCartney where Paul played all instruments and offered a relaxed kind of album with classics such as Maybe I’m amazed and Every Night among others. For this one, it’s more of a Paul and Linda affair as both participate on the album as well as other musicians. To me, the album is good but still not Paul at his best. The songs are great and it’s a fun album with a few songs that stand out as great songs and others that are good for the album. I hope I don’t come out as knocking the album because I am not, I love the album. Just compared to future projects it feels as if Paul was still finding his new direction without The Beatles.

The best songs for me are Two many people, Dear Boy, Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey, and Back seat of my car. But I enjoy songs like Eat at home and Smile Away.

In short, I think it’s a great album with a family feeling behind it. Can’t say that it’s Paul’s best but it’s there among his great albums.

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