Superman: For all Seasons

By Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale

From the writer of The Long Halloween and Dark Victory, I was a goad to see them tap into Superman territory. I enjoyed the other two stories a lot and was hoping to enjoy this one.

The main theme of the story is Superman’s origin and his rise as Superman. What I found unique and loved about it was that each chapter is told through the eyes of different characters. The first season is told through Jonathan as he talks about his son. This story is in Smallville and Clark finds out that he was found and about his powers and he decides to help as many as he can with his powers. The second season is narrated by Lois Lane and talks about Superman’s arrival at Metropolis. The third one is narrated by Lex Luthor as he explains his love for the city and how Superman was ruining it and the last season is told by Lana Lang as Clark returns to Smallville and they see each other again.

I loved the story. It had a lot of heart and deals with this icon in a more emotional way. We see him struggle with his decisions and who he needs to be while always being the hero.

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