Frankie and Johnny (1991)

Directed by Gary Marshall

Starring Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer

Together again since Scarface, Al and Michelle now take us in a romantic- comedy with its share of drama. As I continue on my mission to see as many Al Pacino films as I can, well, see them again as I‘ve seen most of them. But I have not seen them in a while and I want to rediscover them.

The story is about Johnny, he is just released from prison and he goes to this dinner to get a job as a cook. There he meets Frankie, a waitress in the dinner, and he becomes interested. Johnny falls in love but quickly finds that Frankie won’t be an easy catch.

Gary Marshall is a director that his film has a tangible feeling behind them, a certain charm to the story. Frankie and Johnny have it also, maybe less than Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride, but yet it has its charm. Is a lovely story of loneliness, fears, and love and how every person deals with it. It has lovely characters and the movie is funny and romantic and has drama.

This is one of the characters played by Pacino that I never liked much, not the performance, just the character. But, at the same, the character has to be that way to reach Frankie. Pacino and Pfeiffer are great together, and the rest of the cast was also great.

I think the movie is very good, not Pacino’s beat but it is an enjoyable film.

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