Console Wars (2020)

Directed by Jonah Tulis and Blake J. Harris

Growing up I was a fan of video games. No matter if it was in the Arcade of the home systems, I would play for hours. Today, I still enjoy playing when I get a chance even those good old games to the newer ones from Ps4.

Searching to see what documentaries Paramount + had, I found this one, and I decided to see it. It takes a look at the gaming industry focusing more on how Sega rose to success against the gaming giant Nintendo.

I do remember the hype with both systems. I had Nintendo and the Super Nintendo but my neighbor had the Sega Genesis. I liked them both, of course, because of the money I had to choose one and I got the SNES, but the genesis had cool games and they had good graphics.

The documentary was very interesting. But I think it will appeal to those who lived the era when Sega and Nintendo were the two main consoles although any gamer could be interested to see the beginning of the gaming consoles with the two mainly responsible for its success.

It is done in the style of the Netflix documentaries about the Toys that made us, so the interviewers are not serious and they make fun of a few things. I found it interesting because I knew little of Sega and their story. Still, it would have been more interesting if they covered Nintendo in more detail and go beyond to other consoles like the Playstation or X-Box and how Nintendo continues its battle in the console war.

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