Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1938, Superman is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. I can’t say the most popular, but his iconic status can’t be denied. As one of my favorite heroes, I wanted to write something about him like I did for Batman.

There was a time where I read comics books every week and I admit I read more Marvel than DC. But Superman has always been among my favorites thanks to television shows and films.

What do I like about the character? The main thing is the values he represents, he is the hero who will always do what is right at least in his main story not including the stories of Injustice where they portray Superman as gone bad. His abilities are among the best, strong, shoots laser, freezes, and can fly.

I think Superman suffers in finding stories may be because of who can go against him. Batman can have compelling enemies but he does not have all the abilities Superman has. Lex Luther is the main villain but he is human, there can’t be a fight, just Superman against Luther’s tricks and smarts.

Even so, I am a huge fan of films and tv shows. Now I can speak from the Christopher Reeves films to now, I have not seen the George Reeves tv show of the ’60s. Christopher Reeves was a great Superman in all aspects. He carried himself with the same dignity as the character and made us believe he could fly. He was part of 4 Superman films and with their flaws but overall they were all great films.

The next thing that I became a fan of was Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman with Dean Cain as Superman and Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane. The show was great, I loved seeing it every Sunday for the 4 seasons it lasted. The show was great and it focused more on Clark Kent and how he related to Perry, Jimmy, and Lois. Dean Cain was a great Superman in my opinion and the stories, at least for the first three seasons, were funny and had cool Superman moments. The chemistry between Teri and Dean made the show work and they took those characters to different places.

The Superman cartoon, in the style of Batman the animated series, I never got into it, I saw only a few just like the animated movies, I have seen a few. This medium also has worked better for Batman where the animated series to this day remain among my favorites as well as some of the animated movies.

Man of Steele was supposed to be the Nolan-style version of Superman. I loved the movie, they made changes to the character but I think it maintained the essence of Superman, and Henry Cavil is a great Superman. The mistake for me was making the second Superman film about him versus Batman, he deserved another solo movie before the whole Superman v Batman and then Justice League, not that it was a bad film.

The future of Batman seems to be uncertain as we don’t know if Henry will continue, there are rumors of a new Superman. I hope in the end Henry remains as Kal-El and another Superman from the multiverse gets another movie and having them team up at some point.

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