Get over it (2001)

Directed Tommy O’Haver

Starring Kirsten Dunst, Ben Foster, Melissa Sagemiller, Colin Hanks, Shane West, and Martin Short

There are movies you stumble upon on HBO or other cable channels that you had no plan to see but when you see them you enjoy them for years come to come. This happened to me with Permanent Record a Keanu Reeves movie as well as others and it happened with this one.

The story is about Berk Landers who is dumped by a long-time girlfriend and it’s determined to win her back. When Alison starts dating Stryker and both try out for a school play, Berk decides to try out too. Kelly, Berk’s best friend’s sister who is in love with him, helps him out with the play.

The play is Shakespeare is a Midsummer Nights Dream and in the story, the characters are going through what the play is about. It is a teenage comedy film, but the film works because the actors did not take them seriously and had fun with the film and that comes across the screen. At least for me, the movie is just fun and has a nice love story.

The opening sequence is cool because of all these happy people singing the song Let love keep us together while Berk is down with the box of his stuff. The other thing that worked for me was the music. The songs were chosen for the film and the songs that are part of the story.

The film stars a lot of known young actors, Kirsten Dunst is the main character and she is charming in her role. Ben Foster is a great actor and he performed this part so well. Colin Hanks, reminiscing his father in earlier roles, plays this party guy, best friend to Berk. Also, it stars Gamora herself, Zoe Saldana. The funny moments come thanks to comedy great Martin Short as the theater teacher. Mila Kunis also stars.

Ok, I am not saying the film is a masterpiece in writing but I think it’s an enjoyable movie.

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