Tom Petty Highway Companion (2006)

Produced by Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, and Mike Campbell

The more I listen to Tom Petty albums I keep confirming that he was one of the greats. For years I focused only on the hits and recently I’m trying to listen to the albums. Today I got to listen to this album.

This one is his third and final solo album. Wildflower was an amazing piece of work and the follow-up (in terms of solo albums) was at par with previous efforts. What I like about Petty is the variety between songs and the words, from introspecting to straight rock.

This is a great album. The first 4 songs is s on the album surprised me and how much I loved them. I like that this album the songs are written just by Petty, it allows for a more personal feel to the music. Also, the work of Mike Campbell stands out showing how great of a guitarist he is.

I am so glad that I listened to the album. If you are like me that only heard the hits, give this album a chance.

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