Things heard and seen (2021)

Directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini

Starring Amanda Seyfried, James Norton, F. Murray Abraham.

I confess I saw this one nervous as soon as I read it was a horror film. I am not big on scary movies unless it’s Jason and Freddy because they longer scare me.

The story is about Claire and her family. When George gets a job in a small town called Hudson Valley, they all move to this place. The house where they live starts feeling strange to Claire.

So the film felt like seeing a mild version of the Shinning and Amityville Horror with the house playing a part in the story, but that is all. I have to say I enjoyed the movie, it had a few scary moments but nothing hard to handle. It was a bit predictable but even so, I honestly kept watching because I wanted to see how it would unfold. As a suspense film, it worked on some levels. The ending could have been better for me because I was so tense and the ending although good and interesting it lacked something to leave the audience in shock.

Maybe a horror movie buff will say that it was not good. And because I admit at not seeing a lot of horror movies, I liked the film and enjoyed the few moments of scares it had. What worked was the mystery behind the story. And the performances were good. Not a masterpiece of horror but an entertaining film.

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