Paul McCartney: New (2013)

Produced by Paul McCartney with various producers.

There have been two other albums released after this one, but I believe none surpass this one. I got it on vinyl yesterday and I was reminded of how great the album is.

I have fallen in love with this album as I got to listen to it again after a while of not listening to it. I had it at my 12th favorite album of Paul’s discography. I think what makes this album unique for me is that it feels like a personal album. Paul is not one to write songs directly and literally about his life besides love songs for Linda. This album changes that with songs like New, On my way to work, and the beautiful Early Days.

The album musically is great. It is innovative while maintaining the essence of Paul’s music. Save us is a great opening track. Followed by another great track in Alligator. The next songs are among his best in my opinion. On my way to work is one of the semi-autobiographical songs in the album. Queenie Eye is one of my favorites, the song is smart lyrically and such a fun song and video with the likes of Meryl Streep dancing in the studio. Early days is the best song for me in the album and it has a connection to John Lennon and the Beatles as Paul recalls those days when he and John would write before they became famous. The rest of the album is great, I can bet, Appreciate are also great songs.

I have to say that this is the best album of his recent releases, Memory almost Full was also a good one.

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