Tell me when (Dime Cuando tu) (2020)

Directed by Gerardo Gatica

Starring Ximena Romo, Jesús Zavala, Verónica Castro

The best thing about streaming services is that you can stumble on any kind of movie and from anywhere in the world. One thing I am trying is to see more Latin films because the ones I’ve seen always entertain me and have good stories. This one I saw on Netflix.

Will is a young man who has dedicated his life to achieving goals. On one of his birthdays, his grandfather had a surprise for him. He wrote him a book filled with places and things to see in Mexico so he learns of his roots. The grandfather dies and a year later he finds the book and goes to Mexico to complete the list.

What a charming film. Yes, the story has a few clichés but for me, it did not matter because I liked the characters. I liked the story, it had funny things, it had the romantic aspect and family and friends.

The two lead actors, Jesús and Ximena, were both great. I liked Will as a character because he is the one that changes and Dani is the force that shows him another life. The supporting cast worked as well. Veronica Castros as his grandmother was good as well as those cast as her friends.

This is a charming picture that I’m glad I found it.

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