The Oscars 2021

To say that 2020 was a hard year for the movies (and everyone) is an understatement. And I know that with all that is going on, awards shows and things like these have no true importance. But at the same time, we need things to distract our minds and take us away from all that is going on, and for me, that is one of the great things about movies, they can take you to different places. Last night was the Oscars and even though for me this year’s films were not as great compared to other years, I did have my favorites.

The show itself was different as was expected. It had no clear host and it lacked the comedy aspect that a good host can bring, that is a good and bad thing, good because the show moves faster and bad because in a long ceremony a little comedy helps. But with all the limitations they faced, I think it was done nicely. They did not have the orchestra that cut speeches and that meant that some took too long, but I don/t mind that too much.

When it comes to the winners, I think this is the first time where I agreed with so little of those who won. Although I did not understand why Kaluuya and Stanfield were both considered as supporting actors, Kaluuya’s win was deserved. For supporting actress I believed Glen Close would finally win, I loved her performance in that film. But I have not seen Minari so I can’t say if I disagree with Yoh-Jung winning.

The major awards for me were disappointing. I knew or had a feeling that Nomadland was going to win Best Picture and for me, it was not. I appreciated the movie and I am glad I saw it, but among the films nominated for me, there were better films. I think The trial of the Chicago 7 was a better film, Promising young woman was a better film, and Judas and the Black Messiah was also more deserving. Like I said Nomadland is not a bad film, but in my opinion is not the best one of those nominated.

The same thing goes for Best Actress, I think Frances McDormand is a great actress and she was good in Nomadland, but the performances by Viola, Kirby, or Mulligan were more deserving. For Best Actor, Anthony Hopkins is among the best in the business and I can’t say he did not deserve it for the Father, but I thought Chadwick deserved it, he gave a powerful performance in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.

But when it comes to films is all about individual preferences, and this mine was not in line with the Academy.

EUntil next award season!

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