The fugitive (1993)

Directed by Andrew Davis

Starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones

While watching the Oscars I Harrison Ford presenting and I suddenly thought about his films and among so many classics this one stood out.

The film is based on a television show and is the story of Dr. Richard Kimble. He is framed and blamed for the murder of his wife. While being transferred to prison he can escape and he takes that chance to clear his name. On the other side, he faces a relentless Marshall determined to get Kimble.

This is an amazing film that every time I see it I enjoy it. The premise is nothing new but the way the film is made and the story around the premise makes this film so good. The film is intense and suspenseful as the audience cheers Richard in hopes he clear his name. The dynamic between Kimble and US Marshall Gerard works in every moment of the film.

The performances are great. Harrison Ford gives a great performance and Tommy Lee Jones in an Oscar-winning performance is great in the role of Gerard, he is the heart of the film.

This a classic movie that I still enjoy when I get a chance to see it.

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