Shrek (2001)

Directed Andrew Adamson, Vicky Jenson

Starring Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, and John Lithgow

Is hard to believe that the lovable ogre is now 20 years old. This movie was a huge box office hit for Dream Works and it had three sequels. I remember in all honesty not being so interested when it came out. It was a friend who told that it was funny and how they made fun of fairy tales characters. Thanks to his recommendation I rented the film and fell under the spell of the film.

The story about this ogre who lives alone in his swamp, just like he likes it, with no one there. Until Lord Farquaad started to send all the fairy tale creatures to his swamp. Shrek to get rid of them goes to face Lord Farquaad where he is promised his swamp back if he rescues Princess Fiona from the dragon. Shrek goes on this quest with the help of Donkey. After he rescues the princess these two different creatures fall in love.

This film is funny, charming and so original. It pokes so much fun on those well-known characters from Pinocchio to the three blind mice. The characters for an animation film are very well developed and each brings something to the film. The film pokes fun at pop culture as well as the fairy tales we grew up with. But the main thing about the film is the story. The romantic moments between Fiona and Shrek are so unique and funny.

In terms of the voices, what a great cast. Eddie Murphy steals the show as Donkey and Lithgow is the second funniest because that character is funny, I love that character.

My favorite of all the films is the second one, but the first two films are near perfect films both funny and original. The other sequels were not as great as the first two, at least for me. But the fact is that Shrek became a pop culture Icon as well as the other characters and today I remember the film as it celebrates its 20th anniversary.

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