The Father (2020)

Directed by Florian Zeller

Starring Anthony Hopkins, Olivia Coleman, Rufus Sewell

I wanted to see this one for a while. It looked interesting. It is getting hard to see good movies and I don’t like renting movies for 20.00 but sometimes I just do it.

Anthony lives alone in his flat while her daughter Anne visits him and takes care of him. Anthony begins to suspect that strange things are happening and that they just want his flat.

This film is based on a play and since I have seen a few films based on plays recently that I felt were not that good, I was worried about this one. I think this film worked because even though is all dialogue the events that occur in the film leave you intrigued. After all, as an audience, you don’t know if Anthony is just ill or if the daughter somehow creating confusion so he leaves his flat. It is a film of pure dialogue and performances and I like those kinds of films if the elements work and in this one, the performances were matched with an interesting story.

With this film I have seen four of the Best Actor nominees, I am yet to see Minari. To say that Anthony Hopkins delivers yet again is no surprise. From the trailer, the performance looked great. After seeing the film I have to stand in amazement at his performance. There is a scene where his character breaks down and Hopkins delivers a performance that was so vulnerable just like the character. Olivia Coleman also delivered a great performance for a well-deserved nomination. As far as winning I still think Boseman’s performance was better and deserves the posthumous win.

I have to say I enjoyed the movie. It has its moments where you just want to know what was going on, but that I think is part of the intention of the movie to make us feel like Hopkin’s character.

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