Thunder Force (2021)

Directed by Ben Falcone

Starting Melissa McCarthy, Octavia Spencer, Jason Bateman.

I had little expectation for this movie and on those occasions sometimes a movie can surprise me.

The story is about Lydia and Emily. They became friends in school but after a fight, they stopped talking to each other. In a high school reunion where Lydia had hopes of seeing her friend again, she ended up going to where Emily works and by accident, she gets a dose of a formula that gave her superhero strength. Emily took a treatment to become invisible and set out to stop The Miscreants, a group of superpower people that killed Emily’s parents.

I did not like the movie at all. It felt forced and like not even the actors were in it. I think the mistake was that it was made thinking of Melissa McCarthy’s usual style of comedy and if you don’t like her then the movie will annoy you. I am not a fan and that is what happened to me, I got tired of the routine and the jokes. I like other roles she has done, and I do like McCarthy in other films but on this one it did not work.

Maybe if taken a bit more seriously and not made to be a silly comedy action film, it could have been better. But the whole man with crab hands and other things just did not work for me.

It has a good cast, I mean, I am a fan of Jason Bateman and Octavia Spencer, but the film does not give them much.

Like I always say, it’s only my opinion. I tried to enjoy it but I just couldn’t.

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