Batman: The Long Halloween

Story by Jeph Loeb and drawings by Tim Sale.

In terms of comic books, I have read more Marvel comics than DC. But I have always loved Batman and other DC heroes. With the hope of reading something from DC I cam across this book. It was a 13-issue limited series released in 1996.

The story focuses in Batman trying to find a killer named Holiday, while along with Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent, try to take down the mob.

Upon reading I felt a connection with Nolan’s Dark Knight and in fact he used this story as inspiration for the film. At first, I started reading it and then stopped, and a few days I started it again and finished in a few days. I got hooked on the story. It is a great Batman story with familiar villains and the mob all integrated with a twist at the end that blew me away.

In the end, I loved the story and it is now among my favorite comic books.

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