The Inside Story (2021)

Any fan of the NBA knows about this show. For 30 years, after games on TNT, Inside the NBA comes on. The show of course talks about the games, but what makes this show unique, is that it is funny and honest.

This documentary takes us into the story of the show. Each episode focuses on the 4 analysts of the show. I liked that the film has the same style of the show and we get to know them and still laugh. I have to say it was a very well-crafted documentary that brings out the same things that work on the show to the interviews and the story. I liked the interviews where Ernie, Kenny, Charles, and Shaq are together and they talk about the show.

I found it so interesting to see all the people behind the scenes and look back at the show since it began with a different host. It also covers the loss of Sager and Ernie’s illness. And the hardest part was when they cover the loss of Kobe Bryant. It 30 years of people and stories told through this unique set of characters.

I stopped being a fan of the NBA but I always love seeing this show and look for it on YouTube. I believe to enjoy this 4-part documentary you don’t need to be a fan of the NBA.

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