Remembering Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

It was a day I won’t forget. It is one of that news that you don’t expect and it hits you hard. Not because you knew the person, just because of the tragedy and the feeling of sadness it leaves. I’m talking about April 5, 1994. It was the day Kurt Cobain ended his life. It was announced days later, but I will use the actual day and remember him.

I was a fan of Nirvana and to this day I like their music, but I admit that I have always proffered Pearl Jam. I consider Nirvana and Pearl Jam as the Beatles and Stones of Alternative, they were the top of the genre and each had its favorites. In an era where music was all about parties and fun, here comes Cobain with lyrics not many understood except the young kids. I for one loved bands like Poison and other hair metal bands, but few had lyrics that could have a deeper meaning. Cobain changed the music industry and Grunge was born.

I remember Nevermind. It is a great album. I can appreciate it more now than I did then. Smells like Teen Spirit is a great song although he ended not liking it because of having to play it so much I guess. Something in the way is a beautiful song and when you find that he wrote it because he was living under a bridge it just makes it more powerful. Cobain just wrote from his heart, whether everyone could understand or not, in that is where I can understand Cobain being compared to John Lennon, they both wrote about themselves. And in a way, April 5th for that generation was like December 8th, 1980 to Lennon fans.

In Utero ended being their last album and it is my favorite. It is rawer than the poppy rock Nevermind and the songs are a bit better for me. Heart-Shaped Box is a great song. Penny Royal Tea, Dumb, Serve the servants are all great songs. But his masterpiece in terms of lyrics is All Apologies.

For the last act, they surprised everyone with an amazing unplugged performance that I think is the best in the series.

I can’t approve of what he did, and I don’t write this as to idolize Cobain by no means. I just looked back at my own life and remember that day where I felt really sad that he had no hope or at least enough to keep fighting for Frances his daughter.

Be at peace Kurt!

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