Raya and The Last Dragon (2021)

Starring Awkwafina, Kelly Marin Tran

I am a fan of Disney animated movies. I enjoy most of them, I admit that this one was not one that I wanted to see. But it’s a Friday and I saw it with the family.

The movie tells the story of a time when different tribes of men lived in peace and were guarded by dragons. When attacked by an evil spirit that turned people to stone, one dragon managed to stop the spirit and turned all the dragons power into a stone. Of course, men started to fight for the gen and its power. 500 years later and with the world broken, Raya must find the Last Dragon to turn back the people that are in stone.

I will start by saying that the movie was better than I thought. But the story felt too similar to other films, so it did not feel as original for me. But the film was fun, it had good characters. It had a good message of unity between different tribes (countries).

It is a good alternative for a family movie night. It is currently in theaters and Disney + with premiere access.

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