With friends like these (1998)

Directed by Phillip Frank Messina

Starring Adam Arkin, David Strathairn, Laura San Giacomo, Elle Macpherson, Robert Costanzo, Jon Tenney

I can’t say why I suddenly thought of this film today. I went on a cruise many years ago and this film was available on the tv and me and my family watched it and I loved it.

The story is about four friends who are all struggling actors. They all have their relationships and different situations. The problem starts when one of them is invited to a secret audition to play Capone in the next Martin Scorsese movie. Johnny tells one friend and from there they all find out and they all try to secretly get in the audition too. Betrayal and craziness invade these four friends and their families.

To this day I can still see the film and enjoy it. I think it has a charming quality to it. The cast works well together and it is just fun. The story is simple but it works. This is one of those films that might not be for everyone but at least for me it was a good film.

The cast at the time was not known for me except Laura because at the time I was watching the series Just shoot me. I loved the performances, the cast really worked so well together.

I think it is a good film, not perfect but a fun movie with a good story.

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