Chaplin (1992)

Directed by Richard Attenborough

Starring Robert Downey Jr., Dan Aykroyd, Geraldine Chaplin, Anthony Hopkins, Moira Kelly, Marisa Tomei, Kevin Kline, Diane Lane, James Woods

I remember seeing this film in the theater when it came out and was amazed at the film. I can’t say I am familiar with the films and works of Charlie Chaplin, but his story I found fascinating. It is one of those films that even though I don’t see much, is engraved in my memory.

The story is told with a series of flashbacks as Charlie is discussing a biographical book with his editor. We get to see Chaplin’s story from childhood until old age. We also see how he developed his films and characters. A controversial figure in movie history, but his talent is undeniable and his legacy still stands.

The film is very long and I liked that it goes into hqis life and work with great detail. It did not try to cover his flaws, I think the film did its best to show how Chaplin was. Because of the movie scenes, the film is funny as they re-recreate his films. I don’t think you have to know Charlie or seen his movie to enjoy the film. His life was very interesting, of course, it also had its share of sad situations that gave the story heart.

The amazing thing in the film is the cast. It is a star-filled cast and they were all good. it is one of those movies that all performances work, like the movie The Insider where I loved everyone’s performance. The same happens here. The cast has a lot of great actresses, proving the many loves of Chaplin. From Diane Lane to Marisa Tomei and they all were good. Anthony Hopkins plays the editor that through his interview takes us into Chaplin’s life. But, of course, it is Robert Downey Jr. who steals the show with his performance. Downey Jr. was simply amazing and earned a well-deserved Oscar nomination. That year the category was so hard, it had Al Pacino for Scent of a Woman, Denzel Washington for Malcolm X, and Downey for Chaplin.

I found the movie on amazon prime and decided to see some scenes from the film and wanted to write about it. If you are a fan of Downey for his work as Iron Man, check this movie, I think you will enjoy his performance.

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