News of the world (2020)

Directed by Paul Greengrass

Starring Tom Hanks, Helena Zengel

Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors and I try to see his films. I have been waiting for it to be available to rent for a long time.

The story begins as Captain Kidd, who was part of the confederate army, travels to different towns to read the news and earn his living that way. On his way, he sees a wagon that was broken, and there he finds this girl. He then is determined to get to her new home.

It was definitively a beautiful film. I loved the story. It had moments of suspense as well as moving moments between these two characters. From the start even though they were forced on the journey, they both knew they needed each other, I loved that about the film. The movie had plenty of moments where the characters face challenges and that gave the feeling moments of suspense, but the main and best thing about the films is the story and the two characters.

The movie works because of the performance of its two main actors who are great together. Tom Hanks delivers yet again. Helena Zengel delivers an amazing performance as Johanna. I was told to see this movie just for her performance and they were right. It is a great performance and she can match Hanks in many of the important scenes and make a great duo on screen.

I think the movie was very good and I’m glad I got to see it. There were times at the beginning where it felt kind of slow, but it quickly got interesting and I was intrigued to take this journey with these characters.

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