Hard to kill (1990)

Directed by Bruce Malmuth

Starring Steven Seagal

When I was growing the coolest films were action films and they had four main stars: Arnold, Sylvester, Jean-Claude Van Damm, and Steven Seagal. They’re hard to find because you can’t rent them like before and to rent online I rather buy them because the price of the rental is too much even for old films. So when I saw this one on HBO Max I quickly saw it and remember that era in films.

The film starts as police officer Mason Storm is recording a meeting to capture evidence against criminals of the underworld. When he is discovered they go to his house to kill him. They shoot his family and they are thought dead. But Mason was pronounced dead but then suddenly he got a pulse and wakes up seven years later to get his revenge.

The stories in these films were all the same, the attraction was to see how the hero defeats everyone by himself with little help. Of the four action stars, Seagal was my least favorite but I always enjoyed this one and Marked for Death. It has great action sequences and a good enough story to be entertained.

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