Justice League: Snyder Cut (2021)

Directed by Zack Snyder

Starring Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Ray Fisher. Amy Adams, Ezra Miller

This is something a lot of fans have been waiting for. Basically, DC wanted to bring their heroes together as Marvel did with the Avengers, but I always felt DC rushed it, Marvel went patiently until with the whole storyline.

When the film was released, it was finished by Joss Whedon after Snyder had to leave the project. The result was an uneven film that few people liked. I liked it and when I see it now I still enjoy it but the film has a few flaws. The mains flaw lies in Whedon may be trying to add the funny lines and the special effects are bad ( Superman’s mouth). I hated the Flash in this film, maybe they wanted him to be a funny character but it did not work for me. So, knowing that Snyder had another vision, fans hoped to see that version someday and hopefully have a better film.

As a fan, I’m so glad we got to see this version because it did the characters justice. The story worked better and felt more united without forced parts integrated to either make it funny or more light. Snyder’s tone has always been darker than Marvel and I feel Whedon just tried to make it more like the Avengers and it did not work. This time the movie felt excited, it had moving scenes and the characters worked better together in these versions.

At 4 hours the movie is long but I did not feel it. I think this version corrected the story but also the characters. The Flash for example was way better in this version, I liked him in this film while I hated the Flash in the 2017 version. Cyborg got a more detailed origin and it made me care more for the character and all had their moments in the film.

Superman was amazing and I loved the black suit. The villain looked better and Darkseid was a good addition.

I will definitively see it again and write a spoiler full review about the movie. But at first glance, it was a great ride.

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