Peter Benchley’s The Beast (1996)

DIRECTED BY Jeff Bleckner

Starring William Petersen, Karen Sillas, Charles Martin Smith

There are films that I love knowing their flaws and maybe other things that would make it a cheesy film, I don’t know if this happens to other movie fans, I think it does. This one is one of those films where I can accept others telling me if they think it’s bad, but I have seen it many times and I enjoy it. Yes, it’s jaws with a giant squid.

The story, like I, said, is the same as jaws. It’s a small town of fishermen and that also depends on summer for income when tourists go to the island. When Whip discovers a hook, he sends it to a marine biologist who confirmed that it belongs to a giant squid. The battle starts between the experts saying the beaches must be closed against the major and the town that needs the beaches open to making their income.

It was written by the same author who wrote Jaws so the similarities are inevitable. The movie was made for television so the special effects are not that good, but better than those scy-fy shark movies, at least I think so. I think that what I liked was The characters even though many of them are filled with clichés. I don’t know more I wrote I feel like I’m giving you reasons not to see it. That is because I’m going into every detail, when I see it I don’t see them and just enjoy a fun monster film, not as scary as Jaws but it has its moments.

William Petersen is the main character and his performance is one of the reasons I like the film. It has a good cast and an entertaining story. It is a fun movie to watch if you are looking for those old B movies that were available at video stores.

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