The Last Blockbuster (2021)

Directed by Taylor Morden

One of the best things to do on the weekends was going to Blockbuster and rent movies. Even if I did not rent anything, I just loved going there and seeing all the movies. I understand and like having moving movies and music digitally, but for me, nothing replaces the act of holding the DVD or the vinyl for music. I loved that in Blockbuster for 1.29 I could rent classic movies as well as the new releases. Things like Redbox don’t provide for that and renting digital even if it’s an old movie does not feel cost-effective.

This documentary is one big nostalgic trip to the story of Blockbuster and the past store in Oregon. To learn about all the bad decisions that at the end caused them to close the stores. The main story in the film is about the one that is still open as we hear from Sandi and her family.

I found it very interesting and of course it satisfied my nostalgic needs. To just look them at the footage of old commercials and seeing the stores. The interviews are fun and in my case relatable as they describe their experience in the store.

I would love to have one Blockbuster to go on the weekends and rent a movie. The new films are accessible, but the classics are not and Blockbuster was a great place to find these movies and even meet people.

If you grew up with Blockbuster I think you will enjoy this documentary.

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