Wind River (2017)

Directed by Taylor Sheridan

Starring Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen,

This film caught my eye because it has Elizabeth and Jeremy both part of the Avengers movies. I don’t remember hearing much about the movie when it came out but I decided to see it.

The movie takes place on an Indian Reservation in Wyoming. Cory Lambert works there as a tracker and hunter and one day finds the dead body of Natalie Hanson, who was the best friend of Cory’s dead daughter. Jane Banner is an agent of the F.B.I. who with the help of Cory try to find who killed Natalie.

The movie is a murder mystery. I like those films where we go with the detectives slowly acquiring pieces of the puzzle. This one is a bit like, it is not a long film and the puzzles come quickly. The story is what makes it good. The human story of the characters. It also reminded me of the film Insomnia where the conditions of the place played a factor, here was the intense cold, in Insomnia was the fact that it never got dark and the detective could not rest.

I found the story to be interesting. I don’t think the main point was the investigation part because we get quick to know who did it. But still, I thought the movie was good. I liked the characters and I think it avoided a few clichés. Elizabeth and Jeremy worked well together and I liked that they developed a friendship but nothing more. He seemed to care about the rookie FBI agent but not like most films where they quickly pair them up.

I think the ending was very well done. Overall I enjoyed the movie, it had a good amount of suspense, action, good human characters.

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