Kid 90 (2021)

Directed by Soleil Moon Frye

Of course, we all remember Soleil Moon Frye as the lovable Punky Brewster in the classic tv show. I grew up watching that show and just recently I saw the reboot of the show, which was good.

In this documentary, we get to see Soleil as she was growing up. She recorded and kept a lot of videos and audio of her friends and through that, the audience gets to see Soleil and other friends who also were young actors in Hollywood.

I can only imagine what they went through going through the memories and relieving them, but I was also taken back to memory lane as I remembered those years and the shows they appeared. Interviewed here are Mark-Paul Gosselaar from Saved by the Bell, Brian Austin Green from 90210, David Arquette, a young Leo DiCaprio, and really if you grew up in the ’80s and 90’s you will recognize a lot of actors on those tapes.

I liked the documentary a lot. Seeing what she went through and getting to see her through all those tapes was interesting. It made me sad to see Jonathan Brandis and hear the sadness in the messages Soleil had of him before he died as well as the fact that a lot of those young actors or friends she had died.

As we see it, at least in my case, at the same age or near, by the end of the film I was left lost in my memories, of those times, filled with friends, music, watching television shows with my sister and just being thankful for those memories, like we see with Soleil, there are always hard times, but yet we remember those people and times with affection. Like Lennon wrote in The Beatles song “In my life, I love them all”

I thought it was a good documentary, funny and moving and very honest. I liked that she told her story without complaining about the fame, she and most of them just shared how hard was being that age in Hollywood and growing up and feeling rejected for other roles.

One thought on “Kid 90 (2021)

  1. Hi. I felt the same way as I watched this documentary. It’s really sad to see those wonderful, talented people that were lost so young. And it’s like she said, sometimes we are so caught in the moment that we don’t listen to the signs and it must have been really hard for her to go through those memories and see the tale-tell signs. I agree, this is a documentary that talks about friendships and family. Those are the relationships that are forever. She is right about memory, storytelling and the facts. We remember things, other remember other things that we don’t and when we piece them all together, we create the bigger picture that sometimes we forget. I liked what one of her friends said about each person having a creative license in how we tell our stories, our memories. So, yes, I did like this documentary.

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