Ammonite (2020)

Directed by Francis Lee

Starring Kate Winslet, Saoirse Ronan

As I started to see this movie, I read that it was based on the lives of real people. Mary Anning was a paleontologist and Charlotte Murchison a geologist.

The story centers around these two women. Mary is gone withdrawn working on the cliffs of Lyme collecting marine fossils. She is known and one man comes in with his wife wanting to spend a day with Mary to learn from her. When the man has to take a trip he asks Mary to take care of his wife who is not well. The two women slowly develop feelings for each other.

I am mixed in terms of how I feel about the film. It has a nice story and beautiful moments in the film. I liked the way these two characters come together and form that intense relationship but at the same time, I thought Mary should have been a little harder to get due to how unopened she seemed. As a love story, it was alright, but it just lacked something in my opinion.

Was it worth watching, yes if you enjoy seeing good performances even when the film is not that great. I know, hard words, but that is how I felt. Kate Winslet is one the best actresses ever and she can be captivating in any role. Here she plays a character that does not speak that much and Kate is able, even without saying a word, to show Mary’s emotions and sadness. Saoirse Roman, I remember from the Lovely Bones and here she is also good and for me, it was their performances that kept me watching the film.

I can’t say it’s a bad film, for me it just needed something more. It is a nice story about two characters that fall in love and yet know can’t be together after all the film is set in the 1840s.

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