Bob Dylan 1970 (2021)

When it comes down to Bob Dylan I was impressed with all the bootleg series because they contained so many songs never released. The latest releases are more of outtakes, which is great don’t get me wrong. I can only think of two artists that I enjoy hearing albums of outtakes and the two artists are The Beatles and Bob Dylan. I don’t know if it was the first, but for my memory, before The Beatles anthology was the first time I saw a band release rehearsal and different takes of songs. But what makes it great is that the songs were different and some of them it showed the progression that led to the released song. Dylan is the same, you can hear the takes and he is doing something different. Long story to get to the release of Bob Dylan 1970. This was released for copyright reasons and was withdrawn quickly and it was not available digitally. But due to the demand it was released again and for a broader audience.

To me it felt like a continuation to the Bootleg Series released a few years back of the Self Portrait era. Most of the songs or outtakes are from the same period covered on that album. So, the album has a lot of covers, studio jams, and takes of songs from Self Portrait and New Morning albums. The real gems for me are the songs from a session Dylan did with George Harrison. It’s a loose session with both musicians jamming and having fun. The two future Wilburys play on 8 to 10 songs.

It is a good collection and a great companion piece to Another Self Portrait. I enjoyed the covers and the outtakes. For any Dylan fan, this is a great collection.

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