Let him go (2020)

Directed by Thomas Bezucha

Starring Kevin Costner and Diane Lane

I wanted to see this one for a while. The trailer looked interesting and I like Kevin Costner and Diane Lane.

George and Margaret live with their son, his wife, and their baby. When their son dies, years later she gets married again. Margaret sees that he hits both the child and her and plans to take their grandson to live with them.

What a movie. I expected this Taken kind of movie, but it was not. I liked the story, it was simple but in an effective way. The movie goes from a moving story of a couple just trying to see their grandson to a thriller/ suspense with evil characters after them. The main villain in the movie is the stepdad’s family and they are horrible characters. The movie starts a bit slow but the last moments are very intense.

Diane Lane and Kevin Costner are both great in the film, they seemed like a couple that has been together for many years. The ones that blew me away from were Leslie Manville and Jeffrey Donovan.

The movie I thought was good, not perfect but it was good. I think it had a good story and the second half of the film gets intense.

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