Coming to America (1988)

Directed by Jon Landis

Starring Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, John Amos

This week Amazon is releasing a sequel to this comedy film. I admit that I am nervous about the sequel because the first one is such a classic. But hopefully, it will be fun and a great film.

The story is about Akeem, the prince of Zamunda. On his 21 birthday, his father forces him to meet an arranged bride for him to marry. Akeem does not want that, he wants to fall in love and do things his way. So where can he go to meet the perfect girl? Queens, NY of course. He travels there with his friend Semmi to try to meet the girl of his dreams.

When it comes to comedies that don’t rely on gags or silly parodies of something, Coming to America stands as one of the best of all time on my list. The story is so good and funny. The dialogue is funny and the characters are just right. Eddie and Arsenio had a field day playing so many characters and being just hilarious. I love the jokes like McDowell’s with the design just like McDonald’s. And behind it, all is a good story about love and family.

This has to be Eddie Murphy’s best film, he has other great films, but to me, this one is his best. Eddie and Arsenio kill it in this movie playing so many great characters. John Amos is also funny as Lisa’s dad and owner of McDowell.

Can’t wait to see the sequel on Friday.

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