Steve Jobs (2015)

Steve Jobs (2015)

Directed by Danny Boyle

Starring Micheal Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, Jeff Daniels

Whether you use Apple products or not, or even if you think Apple is not as innovative as it claims, Steve Jobs is a figure that change things. I believe Jobs talent was in ideas and marketing. I don’t know how involved he was into the making of the products, but in those conferences, he sure did sell it. He knew what to say and how. Based on this movie and stories he seemed to be a complex person and in this film that is looked at.

This is a different bio-pic because it is not necessarily a look at his life, it just puts focus on three key events on Jobs life and around that introduces aspects of his life and we see glitches of how he was. Of course, is hard to know how factual is the film, I don’t know that, I do know that the film worked perfectly in my opinion. We did not have to go through childhood drama, and he had that in his life, we get to certain points at his life that are interesting. Basically, the films take us to three key launches: the McIntosh, Next computer and the iMac. Behind the scenes we see how he interacts with his co-workers. Another recurring character is the relationship with his daughter.  

I actually never wanted to see the film, but once I started I could not stop seeing the film. I liked the pace of the film and even though it’s all dialogue, it was interesting and created and intense feeling as these characters are going through the emotions of the launches and the pressure. I think it is an honest look at Jobs because not all in the film is flattery, it shows a hard man and sometimes cruel person. Maybe not cruel, but had little people skills, if what the movie shows is accurate. It does redeem him at the end to some extent. I think the movie was very well directed and written and different when looked as a bio-pic.

The performances are the real treasure in this film. Michael Fassbender does a great job, Ashton looked like Jobs in his film, but Michael had the best performance. He was intense and moving and complex as the character he portrayed. Kate Winslet as his trusted assistant was amazing like she is most of the times. Seth Rogen as Wozniak was surprisingly good, he provided a moral antagonist to Jobs. Jeff Daniels also provided a great performance.

I like when I film I though was bad surprises me and I end up liking it. I think it was a good movie and even though the settings are repetitive, the story is such that it does not matter at least in my opinion.

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