Tom and Jerry (2021)

Directed by Tim Story

Starring Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña, Colin Jost

Tom and Jerry is a classic cartoon and I have seen a lot of movies through the years and the show of course. Now is just nice to share this cartoon and others with my daughter, although halfway she left to play outside with her friends what she of the film she enjoyed it.

We see Tom and Jerry being thrown out of the house they lived in and now are trying to earn money, Tom by playing the piano and Jerry tries to upstage him so he can find a place to live. Jerry ends up staying at the Royal Gate Hotel who is hosting a big wedding and Kayla is trying to earn a job she got by stealing someone else’s resume. The mess starts when Tom is hired to catch Jerry.

With this kind of movie, the expectation is to have a nice enough story so adults can enjoy it as well as kids. I liked that when it comes to Tom and Jerry it had all the cartoons had including other characters. The chase between them was also similar and funny. I did like the story overall.

The movie is fun and a good option to see with the family and I think everyone can enjoy it. Don’t expect a completely original story, but it is good enough I think. The animation blended well with the live-action actors and scenery.

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