Bruce Springsteen “The River” (1980)

Produced by Jon Landau, Bruce Springsteen, and Steven Van Zandt

Growing up in the ’80s and the MTV era is hard to say you don’t know who Bruce Springsteen with songs lie Born in the USA, Glory Days, and Dancing in the dark. Then along the way, while I was looking for music from the 70’s I discovered Band on the Run, but I stayed there. I always liked his music but for some reason, I never felt motivated to listen to his albums. That changed when I saw the film Blinded by the light and loved the songs used in the movie. So slowly I’m going through his discography and of the early albums this one has been my favorite. Band on the Run is a great album with two of my favorite songs in the title track and Thunder Road. Darkness in the edge of town also a great album, but The River to me is an amazing album.

Like Led Zeppelin for Physical Graffiti, Bruce used songs written for his previous album, and with new songs, the album ended up being a double album. What I liked about the album is the variety in the music. There are simple rock songs to songs with heavy lyrics like Pont Blank or The River. I like double albums because they give the artist space to include simple songs that are good but in a single album they would end up thrown away into the vaults. I think this happened in this album because it felt like a different album for Bruce of the ones I have listened to. Songs like Sherry, Darlin, Two Hearts, Cadillac Ranch and Crush on You are great light rock songs. Then we get songs like Independence Day, The river, and Point blank to me provided the deep lyrics where Bruce for the common man.

Of course, it helps to have a great group of musicians and The E Street Band is such a group of musicians. The band and Bruce sound great on this album.

If you are like me, a casual listener of Bruce, hear this album, I think you might like it, I sure did.

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