New Jack City (1991)

Directed by Mario Van Peebles

Starring Wesley Snipes, Ice-T, Allen Payne, Chris Rock, Judd Nelson, and Mario Van Peebles.

I remember this movie, not the details of it, but seeing the movie. It is good to have HBO Max because it allows you to see old films that you would not want to pay 3.99 to rent when it used to be a 1.50 in Blockbuster.

So the story is the basic cop vs drug dealers. It is about the rise of Nino Brown as he takes a complex into a crack house. The police look to infiltrate his operation to bring Nino down.

The story is nothing new and seeing it now is even more done. I think I liked it more back then but as I was seeing it yesterday, it felt too over the top for me, but at that time most films were like that so I can’t hold that against the movie. It had good plot moments that were not expected and I think we’re handled realistically, even if it was a fictional story. The movie is definitively not bad, can’t say it aged perfectly but still enjoyable.

The performances were good. Chris Rock was the one that stood out for me in his role of a crack addict who helps the cops. Wesley Snipes was alright but he made the character similar so predictable and added nothing new to that kind of character. It was the typical drug boss. The same could be said for the three actors playing the cops.

I am glad I saw it again and it is a good film, a reflection of how it was.

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