Oasis Heathen Chemistry (2002)

Produced by Oasis

I am a fan of Oasis but I admit I stopped buying their albums after Be Here Now, not because I did not like that album, I don’t know maybe I lost interest. I thought they had made fewer albums than they did. I think they were a good band. This is one sad breakup because it left two brothers who have not spoken since to my knowledge.

I decided to listen to albums that I never heard. Standing in the Giants was a good album but it had a few tracks that I liked. This one I thought was a better album and better than Be Here Now even. The sound felt like a return to basics. It felt like it had a progression but sounded like their first two albums. Liam has a great rock voice and Noel sings great also and in this album they both sing, Liam being the lead singer, but Noel sang a few tracks.

Another thing that I liked and surprised me was that other members contributed songs, not all were written by Noel. Liam who wrote a song for the previous album, here shows progression in writing three good songs. Their guitarist Gem Archer wrote Hung in a bad place and Andy Bell wrote an instrumental.

I enjoyed the album a lot. I think this would be now my third favorite album from Oasis.

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