Malcolm and Marie (2021)

Directed by Sam Levinson

Starring Zendeya and John David Washington

This film is another one that just as it started I realized it had to be filmed during the pandemic. I researched the movie and yes it was filmed during June and July of 2020. It is understandable and I don’t mean anything bad by it because everyone is doing what we can to go on during the lockdown and the safety guidelines. I just meant that it was going to be a film with limited actors and limited settings. For this kind of film to work the dialogue and story need to be so compelling that you don’t mind seeing a film in the same place and with limited characters. It happened with the film Lockdown.

Malcolm and Marie arrive at their house after the movie premiere of a film Malcolm wrote and directed. Instead of being a night for the couple to celebrate they end up arguing about their relationship and the movie since it was based on Marie.

That is the whole story. The film is a long argument between Malcolm and Marie. I have to be honest, the movie had its moments but it lost me at some point. Again, the dialogue and the purpose of the story just feels like it’s being stretched to last what a movie normally lasts. I could not relate to or even care about the characters. The movie had its moments and I know it serves as an artistic film about relationships. In terms of direction and how the film looks, it worked that it was black and white, and the shots were interesting. I just found the fights not that interesting or even meaningful.

I do have to say both actors were great, I think Zendeya gave a great performance, I have seen a few of her films and I think here she shows her talent. John David Washington the same, I loved his performance in Blackkklansman and here he gives another good performance. They both have some intense moments in the film.

What can I say, I a firm believer that every movie has an audience, so I only share my experience seeing the film. It was hard for me to see it through, I wanted it so bad to end. And I like drama films based on pure dialogue but this one just felt like a true argument, you wanted it to end and it kept going.

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