Palmer (2021)

Directed by Fisher Stevens

Starring Justin Timberlake, Ryder Allen, Alisha Wainwright

Alpha Dog was the film that I saw and liked Justin Timberlake’s performance and from that, he has done good films like The Social Network, Trouble with Curve, and Trolls.

Palmer is an ex-football star that after he got injured started to do bad things and got sent to prison. He is being released on parole and goes to live with his grandmother to rebuild his life. There he meets Sam, a kid who lives in the backyard of his grandmother’s house in a trailer with his mother, who is a drug addict. When she runs off with her boyfriend, Sam stays in the house. When the grandmother dies, they are left to take care of each other.

I found that the story was good. I found that the bond between Palmer and Sam was done in a matter that felt real. Nothing new in the sense that in the beginning Palmer did not care much, but I found the story to be sweet and believable. It does touch on serious subjects like bullying and acceptance through the character of Sam, I think it was done in a way where no matter where you stand on those issues, you can see how the kid is treated by some people is wrong.

Justin Timberlake was good in the film. I think he did a good job at showing the transition the character goes through while maintaining old habits, like in real life, changes come gradually. Ryder Allen steals the show, the scene where he follows Palmer, as he is taken away, was beautiful.

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