Vida Perfecta (2020)

Starring Leticia Dolera, Celia Freijeiro, Aixa Villagrán, Enric Aunquer

So I just saw this show on HBO Max and I liked it. The show is from Spain and I believe those seem to have a special touch that makes it a bit different from American shows mainly because of the culture although, because we are all humans, the stories are relatable to anyone.

The story follows three friends. Maria, Christina, and Esther. The show starts as Maria and Gustavo are buying a house and Gustavo leaves Maria right there because he could not handle Maria’s need for control. Christina is married to Paul and has two kids but she feels like something is missing in her marriage and Esther is a struggling painter and sister to Maria. That is the basic premise of the series as we then see these characters go through changes some good and some bad.

It is a drama show with a bit of comedy. I liked it because it had heart while being funny and had good lead characters. I like that there are no real bad characters, just normal people trying their best that make mistakes. I think there is another season but it was not available so I just saw season 1.

I have never seen the actors in the show but I thought the cast was good. Maria played by Dolera was a great performance. The actor who played Gari was excellent. And the surprise was the appearance of Carmen Machi who I loved in the show, Aida. I think the writing of the show was clever.

If you like shows from Spain I recommend this one.

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