Unhinged (2020)

Directed Derrick Borte 

Starring Russell Crowe, Caren Pistorius, Gabriel Bateman

This is a film I wanted to see for a long time. It looked like an interesting concept. Like Falling Down, an angry man having a bad day. 

Rachel Flynn is getting a divorce and has a son. She overslept and gets fired because she was late for work. There were traffic jams everywhere and trying to find free roads she encounters Tom and when he does not move in a red light she honks at him and when she does not Say she’s sorry he gets angry and tries to teach her a lesson. 

The premise of road rage was interesting. At first it felt like I was seeing Jaws but instead of a shark it was a car. The movie works a thriller because it does cause tension. For me the film worked better at the first half because the suspense of him following Rachel and stalking her worked better than when he starts killing and teaching her a lesson. I felt there were some things that could have worked better if made more realistic. Then it worked as a horror film, a Jason type killer following the innocent girl. This is not saying that the film was not entertaining, it was. I enjoyed it and it did keep me interested and tense through out the film. 

It was good to see Russell Crowe again and he was really good. The rest of the cast did their jobs, but it was Crowe who stole the show with his performance. 

I mentioned Falling Down because anger was the main force behind the antagonists actions. Falling Down worked better because you could understand the characters frustrations, in this film he was just insane. Falling Down worked better also because it was more realistic, here he could tear down a whole highway and no amount of cops could close highway and stop him. But that does not take anything away from the film and that it is entertaining. 

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