Something’s gotta give (2003)

Directed by Nancy Meyers

Starring Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Frances McDormand, Keanu Reeves, Amanda Peet, Jon Favreau

Looking back on a movie I remember seeing in the theater and loving it. It is funny and has a good love story behind it and great characters.

The story is about Harry Sanborn, a wealthy man who only dates women under 30. He is currently dating Marin Klein. They both drive to the Hampton’s to a beach house her mother has to spend the weekend. To their surprise, Marin’s mother is writing her next book there and her sister is with her. They all decide to stay together. Harry and Erica ( Marian’s mother) have a shaky relationship at first but that changes when harry’s heart attack forces him to remain in the beach house with Erica until the doctor tells him he can travel.

This film has one of the funniest and coolest openings ever as we hear the great Jack Nicholson as Harry describing the reasons to date women under 30. Harry is the main comic character for me. The story overall can have its cheesy moments but they don’t spoil the film for me. It is a clever story very well written.

I can only think of Jack Nicholson to play this character. In one of his last appearances in film, he nailed the character. It was not likable at times but yet the way the character changes through the film was done perfectly by Nicholson. Diane Keaton got great reviews for her performance and they are deserved. The cast is great in all honesty but the film works because of Jack and Diane.

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