The Last of the Mohicans (1992)

Directed by Michael Mann

Starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Madeleine Stowe,

This is a movie I had not seen in a long time, probably since the ’90s honestly. But I remember the movie and remember liking it a lot. Found it on Hulu and decided to see it again and it felt almost like a new film because I remember so little of the film.

The film takes place during the French and Indian war. A British army officer is assigned to serve under Colonel Monroe and has to take his two daughters to him on Fort William Henry. When they are betrayed by their guide into an ambush they are saved by a Mohican and his sons. One of them is an adopted white man who he raised when he found him with his parents dead. As they escort the daughters to the fort, Cora and Hawkeye are attracted to one another.

I remember loving this film when I first saw it and nothing has changed now that I have seen it again. The story is full of drama and action. The war sequences are done so well. The last 45 minutes are filled with suspense and war drama that is among the good ones I’ve seen. The combination of the score and the events at the end is just so powerful. I could not believe after so many years and knowing what happened I was left in tears with all the drama at those amazing scenes until the end.

The great Daniel Day-Lewis gives a great performance. Intense and perfect like many of his performances. Madeleine Stowe also gives a great performance. Wes Studi was great as the “villain” in the film. The hatred in his character was felt through the screen.

Good movies are those that when you see them 20 or more years later and still have the same effect on you. I have to say this one has aged well and remains a great film.

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