Tiger (2020)

Directed by Mathew Heinemann and Mathew Hamcheck

Tiger Woods has a place in sports that not even his fall from grace can take away. I was intrigued to see a film that would go deep into Tiger’s life. But I also went with caution because it is not an official film and I felt it could portray one side to all that happened.

The documentary takes a look at Tiger from his childhood to his professional golf. The documentary for me had two sides. I truly enjoyed seeing the footage of the tournaments he won, it showed how great he is as a player. When he played with a bad knee and won was amazing and since I did not see those tournaments.

The second side and it was obvious that it was coming was his fall with a sex scandal. No way in defending him but it shows once again how the world loves to build a person up and then tear them down. He is a human being and he needed help and was not man enough to seek it before it would be late. This is where I don’t like it when a documentary is not backed by the person. It does not offer his point of view and the truth of why he did those things. I liked the Last Dance it handled the controversies but Michael offered his point of view. Here we get a lot of people talking on the other side, not on Tiger’s family. This also shows the lack of sensibility of the press and how they treated Elin and the kids.

It is an inspiring story in terms of seeing him get back on his feet, his is human and made mistakes but he got control and came back to win again in 2019.

It is a fascinating look at an extraordinary athlete and human being who sadly made bad decisions. I enjoyed the Golf parts and yes it offered a deep view of Tiger but I would have liked to hear the story from Tiger. Also, this is a lesson to stop putting these athletes as more than just that athletes.

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