Don’t be a menace to South Central..(1996)

Directed by Paris Barclay

Starring Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans,

Comedy is a hard genre because it depends heavily on taste and the sensibility of a viewer. When it comes to the Wayans this comes more into play because of their style of over the top and all the way comedy. This is the case with this one, the movies it parodies have serious subjects but they just poked fun at them without mercy.

The story is about Ash Trey who returns to the hood to live with his father. There with his friends learn to survive the hood.

So the movies they parody more directly are Boyz N the Hood, Poetic Justice, and Menace to Society. I found the film funny, not that it’s the funniest, but it is so crazy that it just makes me laugh. Marlon’s character gets annoying at times, the really funny scenes involve Ash Trey played by Marlon. They make fun of the movie stereotypes the preachy character, the good girl among others.

I like silly parodies of movies and this one was well enough and it made me laugh. I can’t say its for everyone. See the trailer to test yourself with the movie.

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