Open Water (2004)

Directed by Chris Kentis

Susan Watkins, Daniel Kinter

I admit I am a fan of shark movies from the classic to Jaws to the silly Sharknado. Of course, I know some have no real story and quality, in fact, only Jaws can be considered a true cinematic achievement. But most of them are fun if you are looking to pass the time. This one is a little different, it’s an independent film and was not looking to make a formulaic shark film.

The story is about this couple that goes on a holiday to see if they can save their marriage. They go diving with a group and miss the time to go back to the boat. The instructors miscounted and the couple was left stranded in the ocean.

Now that premise alone is terrifying, the thought of being stranded in the ocean is enough to cause fear. The story is not something out of the ordinary, it was efficient. As the couple struggles to come to terms with the situation they look back at their relationship. What makes this film effective is that it was shot on the ocean and with real sharks. There are times where the camera assumes the positions of the couple and when it looks underneath we see all these sharks and putting yourself in the place of the characters is a bit chilling. I think that gave something interesting to the film if it was filmed using big effects it would have been just another shark story.

Not an amazing movie but if you like movies about the ocean and sharks I think this one has cool moments on film, it can get tiresome just hearing the dialogue, but it’s not that bad.

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